Dec 2016 Update

Peace Superheroes Level 3: Building a New Home

It’s been a year since the last Peace Superheroes episode came out, and we figured it was about time for an update. With various conflicts and seemingly intractable differences that have been made more visible recently, we are all the more committed and determined to developing our peace superheroes video games!

As happens to all great superheroes, they find themselves called to different missions. Earlier this year, one of our core superheroes, Meg Villanueva, felt called to pursue more peace education and training projects which have her traveling around the world. She still serves as a Peace Superheroes Ambassador-at-Large and we look forward to the day when we can hire her to train our technical teams (more on that below!)

In our new configuration, we are shaking things up a bit! First, while Marianne was visiting Sabrina in California, we decided to establish a foundation to support the development of not only of our initial idea of the Peace Superheroes game, but of accompanying research and other future video games utilizing our Peace Superheroes characters.

We’ve named the organization

in honor of one of our peace superheroes characters (fyi, “sipala” means “peace” in Hopi, a Native American language). The intention is that Sipala Labs will provide a more stable clubhouse for the Peace Superheroes and enable us to develop longer term strategies.

To that end, Sipala Labs is submitting grant applications to various foundations, with the objective of raising $1 million to kick-off the organization. We’ve already established a relationship with the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (Mark Zuckerberg’s and his wife Priscilla Chan’s foundation) and are pursuing contacts with other organizations. If you know of any grant-making institutions that might be interested in Sipala Labs and our peace superheroes video games, please introduce us!

A great way to find out more about Sipala Labs in 2 minutes is to check out our new introductory video:

Screen Shot 2016-12-26 at 12.09.45 PM.png

Sipala Labs has also been out at various conferences and events (including Build Peace, Games for Change and Women in Technology) to build our network and in search of a Chief Technology and Innovation Officer. We are yet to find a CTIO so if you know of anybody who is skilled in game development, who wishes to make a positive impact in the world and believes in fun, peace and innovation, please direct them our way! We’ll be activating the CTIO Attractor Strategy in January. But if you know of anyone who might be a good match, please send them the mission.

Lastly, we’ve established the Games for Peace Google Group, a group for those in the Peace Games sector to share, exchange, celebrate and play; it was born out of the Build Peace conference and expands across the peacebuilding community. Peace gamers of all kinds are welcome to join us!

In 2017, we look forward to bringing you more tangible tools in terms of teaching peace and conflict transformation in fun and engaging ways! In the meantime, if you feel like you need a hand engaging in difficult conversations, be sure to check out Marianne’s workbook, “Participate in Dreaded Conversations with Ease.” All proceeds from it go towards Sipala Labs!

Peace on,

Marianne Perez de Fransius and Sabrina Patrick-Urrutia

PS –  A little more about Sipala Labs:
Sipala Labs creates video games that teach kids about peace and conflict transformation in a fun and engaging way.
Purpose: Sipala Labs increases positive peace by investing in future leaders at the intersection of gaming, education and peacebuilding so young people can adopt positive decision-making that will transform our communities and nations into a harmonious and sustainable planet so humanity can thrive for as long as possible.

Mission: Sipala Labs plays at the intersection of technology, education and peacebuilding.

Vision: All children and adults primarily exercise peacebuilding skills and nonviolent approaches to transform conflicts at home, in their communities, nationally and globally. We envision a world where conflicts are dealt with words and through diplomacy; where children grow up and exercise altruism and our leaders decisions are driven by love and empathy and as a result, all nations will be more united and at peace.

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