Invitation to Partner

Dear Friend,

Do you wish your work with your organization were more visible and recognized? Wouldn’t it be invigorating if more people really understood what your organization does? How much better would the world be if the culture of peace played a bigger role in society? And how fantastic would it be if mainstream media were more often part of the solution rather than the problem?

It’s precisely because we answer all these questions with an emphatic “YES!” that we’re creating the Peace Superheroes, an engaging and entertaining (yet covertly educational) superhero digital game in which the characters engage with conflict using various skills and tools from the field of peace and nonviolence, in its broadest sense. Characters will be challenged to transform conflicts, from the inner to the international. The digital game will have an accompanying website which will include:

  • resources on how to deepen the peace and nonviolence skills portrayed in the game
  • links to organizations like yours, including calls to action
  • peace products featured in the game (including the music)
  • do-it-yourself kits

We would love to feature your work with your organization both in the game itself and on the accompanying website. In order to make this peace superheroes digital game a reality, we invite you to partner with us now. As Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Jody Williams said in a Peace Is Sexy interview, “If it’s ‘we working together,’ I absolutely believe we can change the world.”

All you need to do is fill out this simple form to let us know you’re on board. We’ll also include a link to your organization on our Peace Superheroes organizational supporters page.

“[The Peace Superheroes] project is more creative in many ways and has the potential to have a greater impact in creating a culture of peace in the long run.” –Kristina Welch, Executive Director, Jovial Concepts

Sign up here to be an organizational partner.

Looking forward to changing the world with you!

Peace on,

The Peace Superheroes Team – Marianne Perez de Fransius, Romeral Ortiz, Meg Villanueva and Sabrina Urritia-Patrick


PS If you want to participate on a personal level, you can join our team as a Peace Hero.

PPS Connect with us on social media! Peace Superheroes on Facebook and Twitter.

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