Small 03 - SipalaName  Sipala

Age (years) 70+        

Gender  Female         

Sexual orientation  Straight

Violent background  “Slave owner” i.e. overseer who abused undocumented immigrant workers

Superpowers  Martial arts,  healing (emotional and physical)         

Cool gadget functions  Way to access “locked” places (physical or emotional), distance listening device (bugs/ wire-tapping)  

Faults   Greed, unreliable

Profession  Religious leader/ shaman, but only part time… otherwise retired        

Ethnic background   White

Religion  Tribal/ indigenous

Backstory  Sipala was part of an aristocratic family, so having servants around was what she grew up with. When her father passed away, she inherited the family clothes manufacturing business. At first she kept running it the way it had always been run: pushing the workers to do more and trying to pay them less, squeezing out a profit wherever possible. She didn’t worry about how her factory workers were treated because she knew she could always find people to replace those who left. Furthermore, as they were undocumented immigrants, none of them would ever risk accusing her of mistreatment. She was also an avid martial artist and when she joined a new dojo and started talking to some of her fellow practitioners she realized that a number of them were undocumented workers. She started asking them their stories and wondered if they were similar to the stories of her factory workers. Pretty soon she realized that she was basically treating her workers like slaves and set out on a pilgrimage to free them and free herself. She went to the villages where some of her workers were from in Central America and found out about shamanistic religions. This peaked her curious and she started researching North American indigenous religions and tribes and found out how her family had abused them too. A hold-over of her aristocratic background is her greed against which she is always doing battle. And having gotten used to others doing things for her, she is not particularly reliable. Because of her age, she needs a hearing aid, but as she joined the conflict transformers, she was granted a special one which can pick up very distant conversations. Through Sipala’s work to unbound her “slaves” and herself, she was granted a gadget which helps her unlock all kinds of closed spaces—emotional, physical, historical. Her martial arts practice and her shamanism give her access to incredible healing powers.

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