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The Peace Superheroes Digital Game

Originally conceived as a superhero show and comic book series, the Peace Superheroes in its current iteration is a digital game in which characters come together in an urban environment to form a team dedicated to transforming the frequent violence that surrounds them. Over the course of the game, they work through internal and external conflicts which help coalesce this tight and awesome group. The accompanying website will provide additional skill-building and resources, do-it-yourself kits and other ways for players to implement the peace and nonviolence behaviors modeled  and acquired in the game.

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Meera     Fred     Amani     Barish     Irina     Pingan     Sipala     Officer McAdams

10 - Group 2

The story behind the Peace Superheroes Digital Game

Marianne Perez de Fransius got the idea for the Peace Superheroes after completing her masters degree in Peace and Conflict Studies. Whenever she told people that she’d studied peace, she was met with one of two reactions, “Peace? I didn’t know you could study that,” or “I’m glad someone is studying that. We need more of it in the world.” Marianne quickly realized that while most people like the idea of peace, they don’t know how to make it tangible in their daily lives. So she first started the Peace is Sexy website to collect stories of individual peace workers and peacebuilding organizations. The idea is to shift the perception of peace as something that is dull, idealistic, costly and boring to peace as sexy, possible, profitable and fun. The next phase in the project is to take the stories collected on Peace is Sexy and gamify them, making them accessible to an even wider audience in a fun and engaging way. The vision is to shift mainstream media from one focused on controversy, chaos, and conflict to one that celebrates community, collaboration and creativity! The Peace Superheroes were originally conceived of as a comic book series, but after discussion with Superheroines Meg Villanueva, Romeral Ortiz and Sabrina Urrutia-Patrick, they decided that the Peace Superheroes would likely reach more people as a digital game.

Meg and Romeral have since gone onto other projects, but Sabrina has stayed the course with the Peace Superheroes project despite moving across continents and having a baby! Sabrina brings to the project her background in peace and conflict studies, years of project and organizational management as well as the networking opportunities that living in the San Francisco Bay Area provide.

In 2016, Marianne and Sabrina decided to incorporate as a 501c3 (US-based non-profit organization) under the name Sipala Labs. Sipala means “Peace” in Hopi, a Native American language. The mission of Sipala Labs will be to make peace fun by developing digital games and entertainment.

We are currently looking for people who have experience in game design and behavior change. If that’s you, or if you’re willing to leverage your contacts to connect us with those people, we’d love you to join the Peace Superheroes team!

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